Petermann Seeds, Inc has been in the seed business since 1960. We have always had top yielding high quality seed. Merlyn Petermann started by raising Certified oats. From there, a seed cleaner was added to condition the seed. Most seed was handled in bags from the start.


In 1975, bulk bins were added along with several grain legs and a small pit for dumping trucks. A 70 foot scale was also added at that time. Bulk seed became much more popular then. In 1992 a gravity table was added to help get scab out of wheat. In 1995 a major remodel was done. A second air and screen machine was added to allow the cleaning of 2 varieties at the same time or just double the capacity of one variety. Bigger bins were added over the mills and overhead bins were added over the scale to allow quicker loading. A larger pit was added in 2000 to speed up the dumping of incoming seed.


With the introduction of Roundup Ready soybeans, food grade soybeans became a big part of our business in 1997. Specialized non gmo conventional soybeans were contracted out to area farmers to grow for higher premiums. A large storage shed with climate control was added in 2002 to allow us to store the food beans thru the summer and ship early fall.


Seed treatments and inoculants are becoming a big thing now so we added a treater in 2008 that can apply the exact amount of seed treatment that is needed. Seed treatments protect the crop from soil diseases, fungus and insects.


Today we offer a wide variety of wheat varieties both public and private labeled, Thunder corn and Roundup Ready soybean seed and conventional non gmo food grade soybeans with some of the highest premiums in the area.


We are a totally hands on seed company. We won’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t plant ourselves. (unless you really want it).